Apostle Sharon Pittman is the daughter of the late Samuel Ryles and Lizzie Ryles of Pavo, Ga. she attended St.John Holiness Church from an early age under the leadership of the late pastor lovely Mae Presley there she received salvation in 1983. Dr. Pittman was taught how to live a holy and acceptable life unto god, she also served as choir president for 12 years. In 1988, Dr. Pittman became a marital coordinator and host for many marital retreats. In 1994, after found being faithful and dedicated to God, God called her to minister his word, during this time Dr. Pittman was ordained by her Bishop, Bishop Thomas Lee the III of Orlando fl.  

Through growth and maturity in Christ, she began walking in the prophetic anointing, her life changed from one dimension to another. In 1999, God began birthing ministry through her for women. In 2002, the first annual Women of Difference Conference was held in Norman Park, Ga. To make a difference in the lives of other women, to know the difference between holy and unholy was her assignment from that ministry came forth growth and a mentor ministry, she began building, and equipping women toward maturity in Jesus Christ according to the biblical principles and morals of Christianity. 

In 2013, she began the Royal Princess Pageant in which it is held annually where women lives are changed through building their self esteem and confidence to walk in their God given abilities. Dr. Pittman now attends Abundant Life Ministries where her and her husband Dr. Morris Pittman has served 24 years together in the ministry.  

Dr. Sharon Pittman has traveled in various areas in South Georgia, North Florida, and the  Northern States ministering the word of God through conferences, martial retreats, workshops and other various works for the lord. Dr. Sharon Pittman has Minister on the Preach the Word television show. Dr Pittman graduated from J.D. Price Theological Bible College where she received her doctorates degree in theology in Orlando FL.  

Dr. Morris Pittman and Dr. Sharon Pitman are proud parents of 4 sons, 2 daughters and the proud grand parents of five. From all of that God has prepared her for ministry for all types of hurting women, a mother to her spiritual daughters and sons, a counselor, a teacher, a preacher, and she is a daughter of the king; Dr. Pittman is a Woman of Difference.

Dr. Pittman’s Motto 

“Do All You Can, While You Can, To Many As You Can”












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